Welcome to ACQUISITION Games.  The 500 MEGAcquire games have become history with thousands of true ACQUIRE fans being able to experience the excitement of an expanded and enhanced game experience.  The ACQUISITION Games website is still your source for Vintage ACQUIRE game parts and Vintage ACQUIRE Games and enhancements.  After two attempts to reproduce MEGAcquire in the form of MEGAcquisitions, it has been decided to change direction and produce the game of ACQUISITIONS.  It will be an exciting new adventure for the ACQUIRE fan.

Welcome to Acquisition Games!

The Acquisition Games website is derived from my long desire to promote and enhance the Sid Sackson game of ACQUIRE. I played my first game of ACQUIRE in 1979. I thought the game was skewed towards one player as I sat through the whole game with no money and no general input into the outcome of the game. I liked the overall concept of the game of ACQUIRE but I thought it could offer so much more.

I formulated some rule changes to help bring the game back into the reality of corporate America and to help the game become “new player friendly.” I figured that the more friends I could attract to the game, the more times I could play. The changes also helped to make the game undecided until the final count of money. That aspect allowed every player to stay involved in the game until the end.

I developed a lot of other ideas for the game of ACQUIRE but decided to keep them to myself for many years. In 2006, my older sister convinced me to make my rules available to everybody. That began a journey that has brought me to this website.

For ten years I have surrounded my life with advancing the game of ACQUIRE. The Acquisition Games Website offers my ideas and research to anyone who is interested. I find far too many 40 to 50 year old ACQUIRE games that are never played. The goal of this website is to add something to the experience of playing the game of ACQUIRE so to hopefully get these games played many times. The goal is also to attract as many people to this fantastic game as possible and to help it fulfill its rightful position as the best board game ever. The hope is that you would share this website with others to help them find the true enjoyment of the game of ACQUIRE.

This website will also allow you to fix your vintage ACQUIRE game if it is missing pieces. Though these games have been long forgotten by the corporate giants who created them, you can still fix your game on the Acquisition Games website which will allow you to enjoy playing it for years to come. We also offer enhancements for the game of ACQUIRE, Including Lloyd’s Rules of ACQUIRE, which will allow you to expand your experience with the game.

I created an expansion of ACQUIRE in 2012 in the form of MEGAcquire. I was only able to produce 500 games but that at least allowed many thousands of people to enjoy the experience of a larger and enhanced version of ACQUIRE. The Hasbro Corp. asked me to change the name so I tried to produce the game twice again under the name of MEGAcquisitions but was unsuccessful.

I have since decided to downsize my game and call it ACQUISITIONS. I have begun the process to develop a new overall theme to the game. It has become time to move away from the Hotel/Corporation theme. There will be an interestingly reconfigured board with 120 hexagon spaces and I have also added a twist to the strategy of acquiring holdings in the entities on the board. The ideas have been sent to my game designer and I will post updates to the website as they become available.

I appreciate your interest in the Acquisition Games website and I hope it will be helpful.

Lloyd Solon

Replacement Parts and Kits

I offer replacement parts for vintage ACQUIRE games so you can fix your old game and continue to enjoy many more years of your treasured classic.  I have developed enhancements for the game of ACQUIRE, including the largest variant of them all, the game of MEGAcquire.  I am attempting to take the game of ACQUIRE to levels that add intrigue for the longtime ACQUIRE fan, while at the same time, broadening their game experience.

While working towards this goal, the most astonishing fact I learned was that the game of ACQUIRE, (actually Vacation,) was played differently in its original form.  By creating the 1963 World Map Conversion Kit, I can offer players the ability to recreate those original Sid Sackson rules, before they were drastically altered by the 3M company, within their own edition of ACQUIRE, whether you own a 3M, Avalon Hill or 1999 Hasbro edition. The 1963 World Map Conversion Kit is also available for the game of MEGAcquire.

The Special Powers Variants appeared in the 1993 Schmidt Spiel German edition, and then were subsequently used in the 1995 Avalon Hill edition.  I have created a Special Powers Variants Kit that can be used in all versions of ACQUIRE.

The Wild Tile was an idea envisioned by Allan Wright of New Hampshire.  I used his idea and created the Wild Tile Kit. It is a variant of the game of ACQUIRE that allows each player to have one blank tile that they can play any time during the game when it is their turn.  It guarantees that each player will have that one "perfect" peg.  The Wild Tile Kit is available to fit the 3M wood tile edition, both the 3M and Avalon Hill plastic tile editions, and the 1999 Hasbro edition of ACQUIRE. This kit is also available for the game of MEGAcquire.

Acquire Kits

  • 1963 World Map Conversion Kit
  • Special Powers Variant Kit
  • Wild Tile Kit

The Game of MEGAcquire

2012 MEGAcquire

2012 MEGAcquire

The game of MEGAcquire was created because I always envisioned a larger game of ACQUIRE, and I wanted it to be manufactured in a nice factory form instead of a hand-created version.  I envisioned an ACQUIRE game that had more options, lasted longer, and made it more difficult to keep track of who was invested in what.  With the help of Michael and Lisa Spahitz of Board Game Manufacturing, MEGAcquire became a reality.

Michael made the suggestion early on that manufacturing possibilities allowed the tiles to be in a different shape other than square.  His first suggestion was a hexagon.  It was a beautiful idea that allowed connection on all sides of the tile.  The final result has allowed the makeup of the board during game play to achieve some very interesting results.

I wanted to make the game of MEGAcquire for my immediate family and friends, but because of the number of copies that had to be manufactured, I have been able to share this game with many others around the world.  MEGAcquire has been sold in numerous states within the United States, and in numerous countries, such as Germany, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Guatemala, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland, Vietnam, and Malaysia.  The game of ACQUIRE, and now the game of MEGAcquire, are truly enjoyed around the world.  I have dedicated the last eight years of my life to helping as many people as possible experience the enjoyment that is available from these very special board games.

The creation of MEGAcquire has not been without its pitfalls.  One has been the desire of the Hasbro Corporation for me to change the name of the game.  Since I was only able to make 500 copies of MEGAcquire, I have agreed to change the name on any subsequent production. The next time the game is produced, it will be under the name of MEGAcquisitions.

It was a painstaking process that took over two years to produce, but the game of MEGAcquire has been well received by so many families that I am beginning to work on the next production of MEGAcquisitions.  I am forced to switch factories to insure the best product possible, and I will need to produce a large number of them to get the price down, but I am committed to making this game available to all who desire to play it.  It is my hope that you will also come to enjoy the game of MEGAcquire as much as I do.